Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ahh. Life goes on. We´re getting married next July. Yay! "The event" of the decade...lol...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Long time no post...

"Who knows where I might find myself in a few years..." I posted that in my last post in January. A lot has changed since then. We bought our own place, a 3 bedroom terraced house, in February. We moved in just last week, it´s been a rocky road but we finally made it. It´s not over tho, we still have some financial issues to deal with the seller. There was a damp floor in the bathroom and sauna, also one wall between bathroom and sauna. It´s all dried and fixed now. It was stressfull, but we were lucky to have the old place to live in while the floor dried. The whole process has been a total disaster. NOTHING`S gone as planned. Not one thing. At some point I wasn´t even surprised anymore when something didn´t go the way it should´ve, not even the second time. I guess it was worth all the stressing and bitching... :D We basically renovated everything here. Only doors are old, but looking good with a bit of paint. :) The place is awesome, that´s the only thing that went as planned. ;) we just haven´t had time to enjoy it yet...hoping things will cool down soon.

I´ve been off work for the past three weeks, my first holiday in almost two years. I´m not sure I´d call this a holiday. I´ve done nothing but cleaning and organizing for the past weeks and it seems endless. I´m going back to work tomorrow, to a new ward. I´ve worked there before but it´s a lot different than where I´ve worked after graduating... Nervous, but it´s good to get away from all the cleaning and drilling... :)

H´s grandma died two weeks ago, the funeral is next Saturday... I have the whole weekend off from work so driving so far won´t be a problem... Looks like sun is showing its lovely face again, I´m out for some exercise.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year everyone! :)

Are you on Facebook yet? I am. A friend of mine talked me in to it. I´m totally addicted. Not so much anymore but when I started. I´ve found many familiar faces from wayyyy back. It´s been nice.

I started a new job yesterday. I thought it would´ve been harder to leave the old job. I worked there for a year, it was very teaching in a lot of ways. I´ve grown as a nurse and most importantly as a person. It´s interesting to think back and remember how insecure and scared I was when I started...and think where I am today. I had my last day at the old job last Saturday. I think I still haven´t realized that I no longer work there. The new job is different than the old job but I still get to work with children. :) And that´s what I want to do. I´m sure of that, but my options are limited in this small city. Who knows where I might find myself in a few years... First I´m going to find out how to become a pediatric nurse... I know it would probably take me only a year but it would mean a lot of long hours, driving and being away from H. But I also know that it´s time for me to do something for me.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It´s hard to believe it´s been two months since I last updated... We made the trip to Barcelona last month, it was very relaxing. We walked a lot, ate well, and just enjoyed each other´s company. :) The hotel was nice but the staff was not so nice. It was supposed to be a 4 star international hotel, but none of the staff spoke English. That wasn´t a problem tho...the service was very slow, sometimes even rude. I´d go there again, the city and the people were definately worth the money and probably someday we will go back...but probably going to stay in a different hotel. :) It took us an hour to get to the centre of the city, it never felt that long, it was a different adventure everytime. ;)

An old friend whom I´ve known for 20 years had a baby girl two months ago. She´s so sweet. And we´re proud of being her godparents. :) Can´t tell how much it meant to me that they asked me, and us.

Oh well.... nothing else is new. :D

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

August turned into September. My employment was renewed til the end of October. I´m still liking what I do, it´s just been hard... I guess it´s never easy to be new. I wonder why new nurses always get all the shit...? No matter how well I do my job, it´s never enough. There´s always something to complain. I take criticism well, I think, if it´s constructive. But if it´s only about bad mouthing others... No thank you. I´m having troubles building my self-image. Not to mention my self-esteem... I´ve got no self-respect. Right now I feel like I will always carry the extra weight with me, you just can´t see it but I know it´s there. Losing the extra weight is easy compared to how hard it is trying to live in my new body (still not done... :)) after being so overweight for my whole life. I sometimes wonder if that makes me an easy target at work.

How to get rid of the shyness I´ve carried with me forever?

Ohhh by the way... I´m going to B A R C E L O N A !!!! I´m so excited. The hotel looks awesome. We´re leaving next month. We´ve both saved money, and already paid the flights. I´m afraid of flying and H has never been abroad before (cruises to Stockholm don´t count.. :D).

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is it wrong to say that the summer´s almost over? Less than 6 months till Christmas. :D It´s funny how work gets you. Sometimes it feels like it´s all I´ve got. I wish I had a friend here...who I could visit and talk to face to face. Emma´s still my best friend but she lives so far away, it´s been months since I´ve seen her.

There´s really not much going on in my life at the moment. Time´s slowly/fast passing by and I don´t even see it. I haven´t been out this summer, not once. I´m either working on weekends or just tired. I did get a chance to party a little last weekend when my cousin got married. I wonder whose bright idea it was to wear high heels 12 hours straight...

No one probably reads this anymore... :D Oh well.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Looks like it´s been a while. It´s been busy here lately, mostly with work and it doesn´t seem to get any easier. I´ve got 2 night shifts starting tonight, a day off and another 4 night shifts. It would be more important for me to work days so I´d learn more, working nights doesn´t really teach much. I´ve finally found my place, this is the field I want to work in but there aren´t many possibilities for that in this town. We´ll see...

I finally got the pics I promised last month... So here goes... Bedroom (the pic´s a bit small, tried to resize it but photobucket wouldn´t let me...) and livingroom. The rooms are still not done but I´m slowly getting there. :)

I hope you´re all enjoying the summer. :)

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