Monday, June 11, 2007

Looks like it´s been a while. It´s been busy here lately, mostly with work and it doesn´t seem to get any easier. I´ve got 2 night shifts starting tonight, a day off and another 4 night shifts. It would be more important for me to work days so I´d learn more, working nights doesn´t really teach much. I´ve finally found my place, this is the field I want to work in but there aren´t many possibilities for that in this town. We´ll see...

I finally got the pics I promised last month... So here goes... Bedroom (the pic´s a bit small, tried to resize it but photobucket wouldn´t let me...) and livingroom. The rooms are still not done but I´m slowly getting there. :)

I hope you´re all enjoying the summer. :)


At 23 June, 2007 12:11, Blogger greensatya said...

Wow, you have kept your apartment pretty well arranged. Looks good !!

Hope you are enjoying the summer as well !


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