Monday, May 07, 2007

I wonder why I don´t have the need to write down my thoughts anymore. I think it´s more about my work, it´s so hectic most of the times that I don´t have the energy nor the interest to write anything that actually makes sense. And I´d lie if I said knowing someone who knows me reads this blog didn´t bother me... :D Especially when I don´t know who that person is.

My weight loss project is slowly getting back on its feet. I´ve lost about 88 pounds so far, I´ve had a few rough weeks (months!) and I even gained a few pounds, yeah I know that sucks. :D I haven´t exercised much since I started working. I walk and ride my bike but that´s not enough.I´ve been trying to motivate myself for going to the gym but it´s so boring alone.

So, I finally got all the stuff I ordered for the bedroom. I love them...And I´m almost done decorating the living room. I´ll get pics later... now it´s time for Mi Gorda Bella. ;)


At 09 May, 2007 05:39, Blogger BLAZER PROPHET said...

YOU'VE LOST 88 POUNDS!! First, congrats. Second, I'm very jealous.


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