Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It´s hard to believe it´s been two months since I last updated... We made the trip to Barcelona last month, it was very relaxing. We walked a lot, ate well, and just enjoyed each other´s company. :) The hotel was nice but the staff was not so nice. It was supposed to be a 4 star international hotel, but none of the staff spoke English. That wasn´t a problem tho...the service was very slow, sometimes even rude. I´d go there again, the city and the people were definately worth the money and probably someday we will go back...but probably going to stay in a different hotel. :) It took us an hour to get to the centre of the city, it never felt that long, it was a different adventure everytime. ;)

An old friend whom I´ve known for 20 years had a baby girl two months ago. She´s so sweet. And we´re proud of being her godparents. :) Can´t tell how much it meant to me that they asked me, and us.

Oh well.... nothing else is new. :D


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