Tuesday, September 04, 2007

August turned into September. My employment was renewed til the end of October. I´m still liking what I do, it´s just been hard... I guess it´s never easy to be new. I wonder why new nurses always get all the shit...? No matter how well I do my job, it´s never enough. There´s always something to complain. I take criticism well, I think, if it´s constructive. But if it´s only about bad mouthing others... No thank you. I´m having troubles building my self-image. Not to mention my self-esteem... I´ve got no self-respect. Right now I feel like I will always carry the extra weight with me, you just can´t see it but I know it´s there. Losing the extra weight is easy compared to how hard it is trying to live in my new body (still not done... :)) after being so overweight for my whole life. I sometimes wonder if that makes me an easy target at work.

How to get rid of the shyness I´ve carried with me forever?

Ohhh by the way... I´m going to B A R C E L O N A !!!! I´m so excited. The hotel looks awesome. We´re leaving next month. We´ve both saved money, and already paid the flights. I´m afraid of flying and H has never been abroad before (cruises to Stockholm don´t count.. :D).


At 06 September, 2007 05:03, Blogger Gems said...

Hey! I've been reading your blog, just haven't commented, good to see you writing again!! When are you going to Barcelona??


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